Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What to Look For When Buying Women Tights

Women tights are referred to tight fitting garment that fits the lower part of the women's body including the feet, legs buttocks and thighs. Tights are an essential staple in any women’s wardrobe and are used for several purposes including warmth, hiding of blemishes or marks on the leg, smoothing the legs and presenting a flawless figure, etc.

Women's Tights are present in many different colors, prints and patterns to go with the different dresses they are paired with. Though tight may seem as a no brainer as far as buying is concerned however there are some aspects that should be considered seriously before investing in a pair of tights.

The Sheerness of Tights

The sheerness or how thin or thick the tights’ material is determined by its denier. Denier is the weight unit that determines the thickness or the fineness of tights, the lower the denier, the more sheer and fragile the tights.

Sheerness of tights is classified under these categories

  • Ultra Sheer Tights
  • Sheer Tights
  • Semi Opaque Tights
  • Opaque Tights
  • Thick Opaque Tights
  • Extra Thick Opaque Tights

What to Look For When Buying Tights

Besides considering the sheerness of a tight there are several other aspects that require to be considered in order to buy the perfect pair of tights.

Tights' Finish – the finish of the tight refers to the shine it acquires. Tights are available in shiny and matte finishes and while matte finish has no shine and it usually paired with conservative outfits, shiny tights define the legs’ shape and reflects light offering a glossy look used to highlight the garment in parties.

Tights' Waistband – The waistbands of tights usually end at the navel, however hipster style tights’ waistband can also be bought that ends low at the hips. Tights are also available in very high waistband ending below the bra line however these usually are centered towards shaping the bottom and stomach as it used as a shape wear to create a smooth midsection appearance.

Tights' Brief – Brief of tights is the part that covers its bottom. Briefs of tights are available in boxer style and V line brief. While boxers have a denser denier in the upper thigh and brief area, making them ideal to be worn with long ladies tops or dresses, V Brief have the same denier all over and are ideal for use with short dresses.

Considering these aspects any woman can invest in perfect tights’ pair that will serve its purpose and help her reveal that perfect figure.

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