Sunday, February 7, 2016

Saba Qamar is set to play a Rockstar Guitarist in her Upcoming Movie 2016

Karachi se Lahore director Wajahat Rauf is set to make another road trip film. But it's not sequel of KSL (Karachi sy Lahore).  Saba Qamar says "I don't why some people are calling this is a sequel of Karach sy Lahore but this is not a sequel of KS. In fact, Karachi doesn't figure in this movie at all. It is set more in the northern areas".

Saba Qamar just tell about her role in the film, which describes as a non-traditional love story, an "odd couple ki kahani". Her movie seems like quite simple love story in which she act as a musician, a rockstar guitarist in the initial stages of her career. She was very excited about her film and doing very hard work for it.

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