Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nose Pin trend and designs for Women 2016

When we discuss about jewelry, why is that we tend to ignore nose pin? Is this because a minority of its agrees with the gorgeous piece of ornamentation? Well, here's the catch today we will discuss the nose pin trends and how they suit women with different pieces. To compliment the sharp nose, the trend is two-stone nose pin. The two-stone nose pin will have two stones within the same nose pin but they have might different options of colors or even the same color.

For girls who chose to wear nose pins at an early age it is recommended to go for a printed stud nose pin. This shows the printed small head on their tiny noses. This beautifies their nose even more. The gold-ring nose pin has been an ultimate classic. But modern alterations to the convention design include a stud of a diamond or a stone attached with a gold ring. This trend sure looks beautiful and is an exotic nose pin fashion. Small nose studs are another classic choice for the nose pin trends and a sure great eye-tracer. The nose studs are replaced by shapes and objects in a minimal miniature form the nose pin which really looks cool. This is also a modern trend or fashion for a nose pin and this nose pin trend includes objects like leaf, flower, star etc.


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