Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Junaid Jamshaid Summer Collection VOL 1 for Women 2016

Junaid Jmashaid summer dresses Vol 1 for women 2016 has been launched. This collection is named as "Har Rang Apna". It is the exclusive summer collection and best work can be seen done by this Junaid Jamshaid label.  All of the dresses are in printed form, some of the embroidered and embellished cuts are also there. Most of the shirts are up to the medium and knee length form. Some bright and sparkling colors have been put up by this label.

Women will be having both the fusion and amalgamation of print and embroidery. If we talk about the color scheme then these Har Rang Apna Junaid Jamshaid summer dresses 2016 are there in the shades of red, white, pink, orange, purple and green colors. Women will able to see some massive range of creativity and uniqueness in all of these Junaid Jamshaid summer dresses 2016 for women.

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