Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tips for Loosing Weight with Hardly an Effort for Men and Women 2016

There are many effective ways to reduce your size by one or even more without involvement of any kind of exercise or giving up food intake. Normally a lot of exercise is required to lose weight. You have to not only discipline yourself but also sweat a lot. Some people don't get time for exercise or workout. Due to this issue, there are some tricks which will be very useful for everyone.

1. Take a glass of water before each meal. This will enable you to stay hydrated and the feeling of fullness will come in immediately and hold you back from over eating.

2. Do not eat cookies during break. In place of cookies take a piece of dark chocolate. This may not be too appropriate to the taste and you might feel dissatisfied in the beginning. It will help you to save a lot of calories.

3. Since your priority is to reduce weight, it is important that in each meal you are able to eat the correct portion. The quantity should be less and food must be healthy. Include green vegetables in your meal which is totally free of calories. 

4. The more you doing some activities on a regular basis, the more you will reduce your weight. You can always move around the office more, you can also use the stairs instead of escalator. These activities will help you for reducing weight.

5. It is necessary that you do not starve yourself. In this regard less hunger can be useful as then you are not tempted to eat heavily and thereby sabotage your eating discipline. 

These are the best ways to reduce your weight very accurately without exercise or gym. 

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