Sunday, January 17, 2016

Skin Care Tips for Men and Women

Usually our skin becomes rough and dry in winters. Hands and feet become dark in cold season. For avoiding these problems, natural products are always good for both men and women. Unfortunately, our atmosphere has become very dirty. A man has to suffer a lot because of tough job and duties. They cannot take care of them because of heavy work. There are so many skin care tips for both men and women which are very effective and protective methods to avoid dryness.

Here I have mentioned some skin care tips for men and women. An equal mixture of Glycerin and rose water is like a gift in winter. It makes hand and feet soft, shiny and healthy. Lemon and its juice help to treat rough skin very quickly. All the men should use gloves before going outside. Its true that all the natural beauty tips and homemade remedies take some time in showing their results. Water is the most important element which we need every time. On the other hand, we should also need to eat healthy food.

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