Sunday, January 31, 2016

No Competition with Mahira Khan, says Mawra Hocane 2016

Two beautiful and talented Pakistani actresses make their debut in Bollywood this year, Mahira Khan with Raees on July 3'2016 and Mawra Hocane with Sanam Teri Kasam on February 5'2016. Before anyone compared the two, Mawra's gone and said that there is no competition with her and Mahira.

She said, when Mahira's show "Humsafar" released , I was not even an actor, recalls the 23-year-old Mawra. She is stunning and extremely gorgeous in the real sense. There is no competition at all. She has been longer in the industry. It has been only two-and-half years for me. She feels great that they both will be debuting in Bollywood in the same year. It will be wonderful because they both will be nominated as a debutantes and that is something fantastic. She was very happy for herself and for Mahira as well.

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