Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ali Zafar invites Siddharth Malhotra in Pakistan

In an outright display of cross border display friendship and a bid to share each other's culture, our very own rockstar "Ali Zafar" invited Bollywood heartthrob "Siddharth Malhotra" to Lahore for the tour of old city.

The versatile Pakistani superstar took to social media website Twitter and in an informal chit chat he invited Siddharth. The famous star Siddharth responded by saying he was busy shooting and travelling for work. To this, Ali sent a message that shooting can continue later, he should take a break and must visit Lahore for a short trip. Both are very good friends and spent an amazing time together. Siddharth has completed shooting of his upcoming film and working on his next film.


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