Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Satin Bed Sheets vs. Cotton Bed Sheets

Interior designing and other setting such as bed sheet selection has a great role to bring a sense of comfort in the room. Women always feel confusion when they visit the stores to choose bed sheets. In fact, there are so many types of options available in the markets but most common options are cotton bed sheets and satin bed sheets. Which one is better for your room?

Consider your nature:

First of all, you have to be unbiased in this matter. You need to be focused and attentive. It is important to see personal preferences when choosing the bed sheets for bedroom. Most of the women don’t like over designing that’s why they prefer to choose simple satin bed sheets. On the other hand, the women who love to keep changing the designing trends like to have cotton bed sheet.  Cotton bed sheets always come in variety of color patterns, print designs and styles.

Check the costs:

No doubt, it is important to count the nature but cost is a factor that forces the women to compromise with it. Satin bedding is usually considered expensive because of the ingredients such as silk and polyester. Cotton bedding is affordable but luxury style fabric might be very expensive. However, you will find a flexible range of prices when looking for a quality cotton bed sheet.

What about adjustability?

Cotton bed sheets always take time to adjust. Each wash will make them smooth and soft. On the other hand, the satin bed sheets give smooth and cool sensation from the very first day. Also consider the seasonal benefits of using cotton in winters (because of warmness) and satin in summers (because of coolness).

Mattress size always matters:

The size of mattress plays a big role in your decision. Cotton sheets are available in all sizes. It makes easier to choose cotton sheet for hard-to-fit bed mattress. On the other hand, the satin sheets always come in special dimensions making it difficult to find a right size for your mattress.

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