Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Men’s Shoes Buying Guide

The day I put my little feet in my dad’s gigantic leather shoes, I knew there was something different and cool about them. My vibrant Bubblegummers were no match against his luxuries, shiny shoes. Soon I noticed that all men in our family owned a similar pair of shoes; maybe they were part of some secret society! It was quite intriguing for me then but now I know that men have an entirely different collection of shoes than women (and yes, it’s pretty cool!).

So what do men actually look for when they’re out shopping for footwear? Well, it depends. When searching for the perfect pair of shoes, it’s essential to consider what style is desired and what function the shoes have to serve. This does not mean that you need shoes for very occasion, what you do need are comfortable shoes. Normally, you ask your shoes to soak up the force of your weight 3000+ times every day; a bad choice here can lead to not only inconvenience but injury one step at a time. So, the goal of selecting the perfect pair of Men's Shoes in Pakistan can easily be achieved by following these 4 golden rules –

  1. Pick the right shoe for each occasion: Please don’t wear sneakers or trainers under a suit! Your running shoes are for running and are not meant to be worn under a formal dress. Similarly, you can’t expect your dress shoes to protect your feet if you want to run in them!
  2. Invest in excellence: Cheap shoes are short-lived as they’re held together by glue and use inexpensive raw material like cardboard etc. Therefore, it’s better to spend a good fortune on your shoes once then to spend a few dollars on them every six months.
  3. Buy the right size: Do not sacrifice your comfort even if you have to spend a hundred dollars on a single pair of shoes. I do not recommend buying shoes online as you can’t try them on. So, always make sure that the shoe you buy fits you perfectly.
  4. Be nice to your shoes: Yes. Take good care of your shoes. Learn how to shine them properly and try not to wear the same pair every day.

Also keep in mind that if you want dress shoes for your ‘black’ suit, do make sure that they’re not brown. And avoid wearing trainers or flashy boots under your formal dress. It looks very immature unless you’re full of confidence and attitude to pull off the weird look! Lastly, the most important tip is to never wear socks with your sandals! Please don’t! It just murders the whole look!

You can find shoes suitable for every occasion or function, be it Oxfords or Hiking Boots, Loafer Shoes in Pakistan, you name it, and they got it. The price for quality shoes ranges from 2000PKR – 8000PKR or above. It’s a good investment as a good pair of shoes can alone last for decades!

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