Monday, May 5, 2014

Anum Mansoor Formal Collection 2014 for Women

Every single year Anum Mansoor has unveiled out with some of the best looking collections and this time she is one more back with her everlasting stunning formal collection 2014 for women. This formal collection 2014 has been showcased out just few days back. In this collection Anum Mansoor has been sharing out with some of the beautiful looking dresses designs that are simply implicating out the feel of traditional blends. Now you might be thinking that why we are appreciating this collection so much? Well if you will look inside this collection you will be going find out the lovely dresses designs of trendy long shirts, stylish maxis and frocks. The interesting thing about this collection is that it has been even added with the coat, trousers in addition to tights. 

In almost all the formal dresses the designer has made the use of some of her favorite colors that are vibrant and brighter shaded ones just as red, beige, blue, pink, purple, white, brown and many others. In all the dresses heavy embroidery has been used up that is quite a lot making this collection eye catching and ideal in favor of wedding and formal parties. You can even get to know the best designs in this formal collection 2014 by visiting Anum Mansoor facebook home address.

Anum Mansoor Facebook Page:

Now we will be going to talk little about Anum Mansoor! Anum Mansoor has been named as one of the top designers of Pakistan. In the list of some of the well known female designers her name is one of the prominent ones. Anum Mansoor is all involved in favoring with the women based collections that are revolving all around the formal collections, casual collections and wedding wear dresses designs too that have been each single time loved out hugely by the women.

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