Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sana Samia Macrame Collection 2014 For Girls

Are you waiting around for the arrival of Sana Samia Macrame collection 2014 for women? Well if you remember that jist few times back Sana Samia appeared with their Macrame Volume 1 collection 2014 that was one of the biggest successes and now once again they are back with the Macrame collection 2014 for girls. This collection has been revealed out for the crazy fashion lovers just few days back. Sana Samia has launched this collection in supervision with Lala Textiles who are their sub brands. In this collection the brand has been showing with the modern looking dresses that are filled from to bottom with the elegant looks and styles. The collection is all added with the lawn suits that are unstitched i.e. long shirts with trousers and churidar pajamas plus duppattas as well. 

All the dresses have been designed within the newest and latest fashion trends and women requirments as well. In all the lawn suits embroidery has been filled up with the little blending of the printing styling as well. All the colors are painted in multi-colors that are offering the mixture of soft and vibrant color shades. You can learn more about the collectin dresses designs by visiting Sana Samia brand facebook fan page given below:

Lala Textiles Facebook Page:

Sana Samia has been known as the sub brand of Lala Textiles who are knowingly one of the top reaputed and well known clothing mills in Pakistan. This brand house has been all involved in dealing with just women collections that are based on the seasonal happenings. Each year they have appeared for the summer, winter and mid summer collections whose designing, fine looking styling and high quality fabrics has been taking away the night sleeps of the women.

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