Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rashid Textiles Monarca Lawn Collection 2014 for Women

Are you waiting around for Rashid Textiles Monarca lawn collection 2014 for women? Well if yes then get ready because this collection has been all exploded on the fashion planet. Talking about this lawn collection 2014 this whole collection has been designed out just for the summer and spring season. This collection has been awesome looking for the eyes because it has been all set with the lovely and incredible looking dresses designs. Long shirts have been trendy paired along with the trousers and shalwars plus dupattas. In all the shirts the brand has made the use of adding the print styling that is little added with the embroidery as well. 

Apart from it the lawn collection dresses have been filled up superbly in the company of colorful and vibrant color shades that are captivating looking adding with red, white, blue, pink, purple, yellow, brown and so many more as well. All the dresses are simple but at the same time appearing to be fashionable as well. This collection is designed out for the women of all age groups for the sake of casual wear in the family happenings and gatherings. The cuts and hues are being installed in creative and innovative modes.

Rashid Textiles has been counted to be one of the most promising and one of the well known textile companies working in Pakistan. It mainly offers out with the collections of clothes for women. They even deals out with the clothes for men also. Some of their most famous collections are classic lawn, marvi lawn, Liza crinkle and so on. It caters with the fabrics for different season. You can get closer with Monarca and Rashid Textiles by signing into their facebook fan page as well.
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