Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ittehad Textiles Summer Collection 2014 for Men

Here we have the latest and brand new Ittehad Textiles summer collection 2014 for men. Well this collection has been just newly introduced inside the fashion planet with the huge blast. If we talk about this summer collection 2014 then it has been all filled up with the dresses designs that are dedicated just for men. In this summer collection 2014 the brand house has put together the fashionable looking kurtas and shirts for men that are paired all along with the shalwars and jeans as well. All the summer collection dresses have been designed out just within the latest and newest fashion trends. 

In addition the summer dresses have been all set with the filling of colorful shades of brighter colors adding with white and black that is appearing as eye catching for the men. The embroidery has been set on the neckline and sleeves plus collars as well. All the dresses are modern and trendy looking for the men. Apart from it the men can catch this collection dresses for the family functions and gatherings. In this post we will going to paste the pictures of Ittehad Textiles summer collection 2014 for men. The featured model in the collection shoot is Shaan. 

Ittehad Textiles has been named as one of the most reputed and hence one of the leading fastest growing fashion mills. This clothing mill has been all linked with the fashion planet since the last few years. They offer out with the collections for both men and women that are accessible in the seasonal happenings only. They make the use of high quality fabric such as lawn and cotton that make their collections one of the most wanted ones. Almost all of their so far collections have been loved and appreciated by the fashion lovers.

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