Saturday, March 1, 2014

Al Zohaib Textiles Spring Collection 2014 for Women

Al-Zohaib Textiles spring collection 2014 for women has been showcased out inside the fashion planet just few days back. Each year in the seasonal timings Al Zohaib has appeared with the fabulous collections and this collection is one of the perfect examples. This whole Al Zohaib spring collection 2014 has been featuring out with the superb looking three piece suits that are all spinning in the highlighting of long shirts plus trousers or shalwars and duppattas as well. In all the spring collection 2014 dresses designs the brand house has made the use of adorning their dresses with the embroidery, floral printing and lace styling versions as well.

In addition to it, the dresses of this spring collection has been all painted with the soft and colorful lovely color shades that are ending the collection eye catching and full of life. Hence this collection and its spring dresses are ideally designed out for the women of all age groups and young ones as well for the purposes of family functions and get together happenings. Hence this spring collection by Al Zohaib has been classy designed out in the brilliant and lovely styling concepts.

Al Zohaib Textiles has been named as one of the distinguished and renowned textile mills. This mill has been connected with the fashion industry since last few decades. It has been all involved in catering the women with the both embroidered and normal fabrics. Previously one of the famous designers Rizwan Beyg even highlighted his collection under the name of Al-Zohaib Textile. They not just give away their high up attention in the designing but even provide it with the affordable price levels as well. You can know more about Al Zohaib Textiles by visiting the facebook fan page of Al Zohaib Textiles.

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