Sunday, February 23, 2014

Warda Designer Spring Collection 2014 for Women

Warda Designer has introduced out with their latest and pleasing collection of spring collection 2014 for women. This collection has been complete dedicated for the coming seasonal happening of the spring season. Through this spring collection 2014 Warda Designer has been providing out some of the wide range of lovely looking dresses designs that are just appearing as stunning looking for the eyes. This whole spring collection has been filled with the lovely long shirts that are set with trousers or shalwar and dupattas. In simple we can say that the collection is all varied in three piece suits. 

All the spring collection dresses has been all finished by the adornment of the floral print styling plus the embroidery as well. All the dresses designs are coming up as best for the casual wear. It is best designed for the women of all age groups and young girls for the get together functions and family happenings too. The brand has made the use of adding the soft and lighter color shades in all the dresses designs adding with red, white, blue, pink, purple and so many others. In this post we are sharing the pictures of Warda designer spring collection 2014 for women. 

Warda Designer is known as one of the Pakistan’s leading and well known fashion houses. This brand has been all involved in catering with the clothes for women for many years now. Most of its collections are highlighted in the unstitched forms that are complete ready to wear ones. So far Warda designer has appeared with many collections and each one of their single collection has been hugely loved and well liked by the fashion lovers. If you want to know more about Warda Designer and its collections then you can check out their facebook fan page address as well. 

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