Monday, February 17, 2014

Nouveau Spring Collection 2014 For Women

Nouveauspring collection 2014 for women has been launched out inside the fashion planet. This collection has been released out just few days back. As this collection has been designed for the spring season therefore all the dresses designs are colorful and beautifully designed together. In this spring collection 2014 you will be going to love catching the eastern dresses crafted by means of western. Through this collection we have the tunics that are paired all along with the tights and jumpsuits as well. 

All the spring collection dresses designs are covered up with the high ends and modernity. The beautification of the spring dresses has been all done with the different type of embroidery such as motifs, sequence and beads work. Most of the tunics are even set with the digital prints. This collection can be taken as one of the best alternatives for the sake of parties and friends gathering. The colors are all added in the brighter and vibrant shades such as yellow, green, red, black, ferozi, purple, white, brown and so many others as well.The prices of these dresses is affordable that start from Rs 3500 each. 

Nouveau has been named as being one of the most famous and yet one of the newly emerging fashion houses. This fashion hub has been all involved in catering with the women clothing lines only whose main product lines are set inside the occasional and seasonal happenings. Nouveau has each single time tried with her level best efforts to highlight the dresses in elegant and stylish versions that have been always loved and well liked by fashion lovers.

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