Saturday, February 22, 2014

Naveed Nawaz Textiles Summer Collection 2014 Volume 1 For Women

Well here we have the pleasing and exclusive Naveed Nawaz Textiles summer collection 2014 volume 1 for women. This collection has been all introduced inside the fashion market just couple of days back. This brand new Naveed Nawaz Textiles summer collection 2014 volume 1 has been all designed out by keeping in mind the fresh styling trends and wants of the women therefore this collection is keeping up as best for the women of all age groups and young girls as well. Right inside this summer collection 2014 volume 1 the mill has set the long shirts with the trousers and churidar pajamas and the addition of duppattas. 

All the dresses in this summer collection have been stitched with the use of finest clothing stuff that is done with chiffon and crinkle. All the summer collection dresses has been set with the high ends and hues all along with the lovely embroidery and self printing on the complete front side of the shirts and borders as well. All the summer dresses are coming out to be awesome in their lovely stitching styles. You can catch the pictures of this collection by visiting the facebook fan page of Naveed Nawaz Textiles. 

Naveed Nawaz Textiles Facebook Page:

Naveed Nawaz Textiles is known as being one of the renowned and top leading mills in Pakistan. This mill has been all associated with the fashion planet since last few years and each year they are making hard efforts to turn them out as one of the finest ones. They mostly come up in the market with the seasonal collections for the women whose tyling and the use of the modern stitching has been loved and well liked by the fashion lovers. This is undoubtedly one of the best distinguished fashion mills in Pakistan.

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