Friday, January 17, 2014

Sania Maskatiya and Gul Ahmed Scarves Collection 2014 for women

Well its time to hold your heart beats for a second because Sania Maskatiya and Gul Ahmed are back together with their splendid looking scarves collection 2014 for women. Well this Sania Maskatiya and Gul Ahmed scarves collection 2014 for women has been launched out just fewdays back. This whole scarves collection 2014 has been designed just within the newest and latest fashion trends. This whole collection has been entitled with the name of “Colors of Life”. This scarves collection 2014 has been showcased out inside the market with the supervision of LRBT, which is an NGO for the blind. All the designs of scarves that have been introduced inside this collection are nice looking and filled with the stylishness and stunning flavors. 

All the scarves have been made from the finest clothing stuff of cotton and chiffon. The beautification of the scarves has been all added up with the print styling all along with the lovely use of beads and stones as well. The colors are brighter set in all the designs that is making it full of life and colorful looking for the eyes. Let’s have a look at the collection shoot pictures in which the covered model is Syra Yousuf who is also the brand ambassador of LRBT. 

Sania Maskatiya and Gul Ahmed are the two most well known and wanted fashion names inside Pakistan. This designer and so as the brand has been associated with the fashion planet since the last few years. So far Gul Ahmed has been arriving not just with the clothing lines but with the fashion accessories as well. On other hand, Sania Maskatiya deals out with the women clothing lines that are set inside the product lines of formal wear, semi formal wear plus wedding wear as well. Both of them are simply wonderful brands in Pakistan.

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