Monday, January 27, 2014

Deja Vu Winter Kurta Shalwar Collection 2014 For Men

Well  its time for men to look fashionable for others because Déjà Vu winter collection 2014 for men has been all released out. In this entire Déjà Vu winter collection 2014 for men the designer brand has shared some of the well creative designs of the dresses that are coming out as attractive looking for the eyes.Through this winter collection 2014 the brand has been all showcasing out with the trendy looking kurta shalwar that is best designed for the men of all the ages and young boys. This collection has been all set out ideally for the casual wear and even for the party wear as well. Apart from it, this collection is even featuring out the shalwar kameez suits as well that is just placed for all those men who just love wearing the eastern dresses designs.

The winter collection dresses have been filled up with the beautification of embroidery that is resting on top of the neckline, collar, sleeves, shoulders and hemline. Some of the shirts are even stitched in awesome way with the coverage of double pocket style. There are many styles of kurtas that are trendy added in this collection line adding with The double pipin collar, sherwani collar and shirt collar. The colors used up for the winter dresses are black, tea pink, white, blue, grey and ferozi. The collection shoot has been all covering up the famous model Abbas Jafferi. The men can catch this collection at the cost of Rs 5000 each. The outlet of Déjà Vu will be open soon at Zamzama, Clifton, Karachi. 

Déjà vu set them inside the fashion market in the year 2013. They opened their outlet on 14th February and in just one year they have accounted huge sum of success and fame. This brand has been all engaged in offering with men clothing lines only that are infused with the blend of western and eastern styling versions. 

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