Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Firdous Winter Footwear Collection 2103 for Women

Firdous winter footwear collection 2103 for women has been released now! In this collection, you will be having casual wear and party wear shoes. This collection comprises of shoes and sandals. These sandals are present in flat form and they have been embellished with flowery patch work patterns and other kinds of decorations. It is one of the simplest footwear collection lines by Firdous that is available in the color range of red, hot pink, green, orange, white, yellow and black. Each and every footwear piece is quite and rather affordable and you will feel lot more comfortable while wearing these slippers!

Firdous is one of the leading fashion brands in our country. Firdous is a fashion textile mills in our country. It has been working in the field of fashion since year 1970. This fashion not only offers clothing lines to men and women but it also deals with footwear! It has been so many years that this fashion hub has been the part of this fashion sector and we have seen that Firdous has always revolutionize the meaning of fashion sense of Pakistan in a positive way.

For this footwear collection 2013 by Firdous, we are putting up the pictures too for your reference; you can have a look at them from here! If you have been the fan of the clothing collection lines of Firdous then you must also be checking out this footwear collection by Firdous for sure! We will keep you posted if Firdous reveals more of its footwear collection line. Keep on clicking on this webpage and get to have live updates and news about the fashion media of Pakistan. Try out this footwear collection and let us know your feedback too!

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