Friday, November 1, 2013

ZZ Winter Collection 2013 for Women

In 2008 , ZZ fashion hub emerges on the fashion planet of Pakistan and this hub offers casual wear, formal wear and party wear dresses. It is one of those fashion houses in Pakistan that has so far launched and showcased massive numbers of seasonal and occasional collection lines. This hub, ZZ is now at the growing stage and we expect a lot from it. This clothing hub has now revealed its winter collection 2013 and we will throw some light on this recently launched collection by ZZ.

ZZ winter collection 2013 for women comprises of embroidered shirts and they have been designed in an elegant way and manner. It has also been noticed that these winter season shirts have been installed with lace work too! You can make a pairing of these long shirts and A-line shirts with tights and trousers. Most of this winter collection has been embellished with embroidery work and on the other hand some of the cuts and hues have been adorned with lace work and print work. For the colors, ZZ clothing hub has come up with dark and bright colors, some of the shirts have also been blended with soft colored shades and some of the cuts have been embedded with darker colored tone. Some of the common colored shades are red, purple, yellow, white, black, brown and fawn.

We are also sharing the pictures of this subjected collection line, you may have a look at them from here. If you still do not know about this brand then you can make a buying of this collection line and get to know that what kind of dresses have been offered by ZZ! Try out this winter collection by ZZ and let us know your feedback.

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