Monday, November 11, 2013

Silaayi Winter Collection 2013 For Women

Almost all the fashion mills, brands and designers are coming ahead one by one inside the fashion market with their latest winter collections for men, women and even kids as well. In all such brands we have the name of Silaayi as well! Silaayi has just newly banged up with the explosive launch of its fashionable and classy winter collection 2013 for women. This winter collection 2013 has been all designed up just inside the latest trends that are becoming one of the wanted ones inside the fashion lovers. All through this winter collection the women will find the fusion based outfits. Apart from it ready to wear dresses have also been installed in this clothing line that has been all implicated with eastern and western combination of styling versions!

All the winter dresses are served with the beautification of embroidery plus print designing as well that is finished over the whole front side of the shirts. For the readers we would like to mention that this collection has not yet arrived in market as it has been just revealed as online. The colors are brightly set in vivid and colorful blends that are quite making the collection colorful and full of life. This collection would be best one for the formal parties and family gatherings. 

Silaayi has been known as one of the most famous and renowned fashion brands. This fashion house has been set up few years back by brand owners Adil Mufti and Alinah Iftikhar. In their main product lines they offer with ready to wear, casual wear and semi formal wear too. So far almost all of their collections have been founded to be elegant for women because of the stylish designing over the dresses. 

This winter collection by Silaayi has been alluringly magnificent and titanic marvelous for the women. You can even check out the pictures by signing into the below stated facebook fan page of Silaayi as well. 

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