Friday, November 1, 2013

Cross Stitch Winter Collection 2013 for Women

As we all know that Cross Stitch is one of the leading and famous fashion houses of Pakistan. For past few years, Cross Stitch came into this fashion plat form of Pakistan and started catering to young women and ladies by providing them with seasonal and occasional collections. You must know that it is a ready to wear fashion house where lots of modern and trendy dresses are there and it has also been taken to account that Cross Stitch has always come up with such kind of collection lines that have been stitched and designed according to the latest fashion trends. In this post, we will be throwing some information on the recently launched collection of Cross Stitch for the winter season, you may check out the details from here!

Cross Stitch winter collection 2013 for women is now right at your doorstep and in this collection you will be having long shirts and A-line shirts and they have been placed up with tights and trousers. In this winter collection, this hub, Cross Stitch has only make use of print work and we will be having these printing designs in the form of floral artworks, geometrical artworks and abstract artworks. Though it is a simple collection but you will see lot of modern touch and element in these winter dresses. Cross Stitch  has also come up with superb and amazing color scheme and we will be having these suits in the color range of red, maroon, pink, green, orange, blue, white, purple and black.

We are also sharing the pictures of this Cross Stitch winter collection for your reference; you may have a look at them from here. It is better to keep on clicking on this webpage and get to know more about Cross Stitch and its collection lines.

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