Sunday, November 10, 2013

Arsalan Iqbal Sherwani Collection 2013 for Men

Arsalan Iqbal sherwani collection 2013 for men has been released. Well what is so unique about this collection that is grabbing the attention of each and every single fashion lover? In this sherwani collection 2013 the brand has make the use of adding in line with some of the fashionable looking sherwani designs that are best appearing for men of all the ages. This sherwani collection 2013 has been just newly launched that is actually stopping away the heart beats of the fashion lovers. All the sherwani designs added up have been all paired with the jeans and shalwars. Jeans will give away the western look to men personality. This collection has been all set in the wedding wear category for grooms. 

The embellishment of the sherwanis has been all finished with the stone and slightest embroidery over the cufflinks, neckline and borders. The colors are as usual brighter and dark shaded such as red, white, blue, black, grey and so many others as well. In this article we will share some pictures of Arsalan Iqbal sherwani collection 2013 for men. 

Whenever we will mention the names of some of the well known fashion designers for men then just the name of Arsalan Iqbal will hit our minds. In 2011 he started off with his fashion career as being a designer and merely offer with the clothing lines for men. In his main product lines we have wedding wear, party wear and casual wear as well. This whole sherwani collection by Arsalan Iqbal has been awesome and well turned out looking for men. Catch it right now. The men can even visit the below stated facebook fan page for getting closer with this collection. 

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