Monday, October 7, 2013

Thredz Eid ul Azha Dresses Collection 2013 for Women

In 2004, Thredz fashion house was created and in extremely little time frame, it became one of the biggest and massive clothing houses in Pakistan. What else Thredz want! You will find women wear clothing lines, clothing lines for men and home textile items under this fashion hub. This house has always launched and showcased stylish and elegant dresses and this is the only reason that Thredz has been one of the favorites of all the fashion lovers! Their summer collections, winter clothing lines, seasonal, Eid and occasional collections have always been extremely enticing and alluring.

Thredz Eid-ul-Azha collection 2013 for women has been released and in this collection woman of all age groups will be having kurtas and shirts that have been installed and embossed with nice and sober embroidery work. These kurtas and shirts have bright colors embedded in them like red, yellow, maroon, purple, pink, orange, green, navy and fawn. This collection is suitable and perfect for all ages of women. You can wear up these kurtas and shirts with pants, straight pants, tights and trousers. It is a sober piece of collection line and you should wear this collection on your Eid so that you may stand out and your personality and look may come out in an enticing and alluring way.

For all the Thredz fans out there, we are sharing the pictures of this Eid collection line right here on this post, you may check out them from here! Yes, Thredz has always entertained you and they will keep on be doing this. This fashion hub will keep on be making you more glamorous and stunning.


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