Friday, October 25, 2013

Purple Patch Footwear Collection 2013 for Women

Here comes Purple Patch with its latest footwear collection 2013 all for young women out there! Yes, this is all true! As we know that Purple Patch is one of the funky and colorful fashion houses of Pakistan and it deals with footwear and handbags collection. It has been few years that this footwear fashion house came into view but we have seen that women and young ladies prefer Purple Patch a lot because this fashion and footwear hub has always come up with customized items for its target audience and this is the only reason that makes Purple Patch to keep on staying on cloud 9!

Purple Patch footwear collection 2013 for women is all here now and in this collection you will be having colorful and multiple colored pumps and sandals. These pumps and funky colored sandals will be best suitable for party gatherings and casual functions. Most of these shoes are flat and they have been installed with flowery patch work elements, stone studded work and some other sorts of embellishments. This collection by Purple Patch has been designed for young girls and for working ladies. Great shoes are there in this collection line that is also extremely comfortable! In this collection, you will be having these pumps and sandals in the color range of red, pink, green, orange, brow, grey, charcoal, white and yellow.

For your detail check out, we are also putting up the pictures of this collection line. Check out them from here! If you are looking for some decent and funky colored pumps and sandals then right now make a visit to the outlet of Purple Patch and get this collection right away. Stay in touch with us and we will be updating you on timely basis that what Purple Patch is doing these days and what it has next for you!


Awesome pics & really wonderfully written ...... loved the pics of flat shoes for women ....;)

Loved the collection of Shoes and Sandals ...the colour combination is great !!

Really nice funky colored collection of sandals for girls ...... wanna have them all !!!

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