Friday, October 11, 2013

Mina Hasan Digital Prints Collection 2013 for Women

Mina  Hasan founded her fashion label and she gets started with her fashion label on a very small platform but now this fashion hub is reaching the sky limits. The collections that have so far been showcased by Mina Hasan hub are quite and rather classy and we will be having range of clothing lines under this fashion house. Prêt wear collections, formal wear and semi forma wear dresses and haute couture collection lines are the main and primary product items that have so far been exhibited and revealed by the fashion house of Mina Hasan.

Mina Hasan digital prints collection 2013 for women is all here now and in this collection you will be having prêt wear shirts that have been installed with some refreshing cuts and hues. Most of the shirts have been embedded with floral and flowery patterns and some of the cuts and pieces have been incorporated in the form of abstract and geometrical design patterns. You will also notice and observe that these digital prints have been amalgamated with these shirts in a unique and creative way. For casual events and party functions, you can opt for this collection line by Mina Hasan. For the colors, these digitally printed shirts are in the color range of red, blue, navy, aqua, purple, white, black and maroon.

For all the fans of Mina Hasan out there, we are also positing the pictures of this collection line; you may have a look at them from here. If you like to have printed shirts then we are quite and rather sure that this digital print collection will be capturing and captivating your attention. Enjoy out these dazzling cuts and pieces and let us know your viewpoint!

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