Saturday, October 26, 2013

Firdous Cloth Mills Winter Collection 2013 for Women

In 1970, Firdous Cloth Mills came into view. For many years, this textile mill, Firdous Cloth Mills has been serving men and women with great and exceptional quality clothes. It is one of the oldest and reputed textile mills in Pakistan and we have seen that Firdous Cloth Mills is one of the mills who gave a turning point to the fashion market of Pakistan and asked men and women to bring modernity and stylishness in their dressing sense. We have noticed that Firdous Cloth Mills has successfully achieved its mission and it is now ranked as one of the top class and out class textile mills of Pakistan. It has now launched its winter collection 2013 and we will be discussing the details of this collection in this post.

Firdous Cloth Mills winter collection 2013 for women consists of dresses that are made up cotton and linen fabrics. These fabrics have been embossed with fine embroidery work and lace work. Some of the shirt pieces have been paired up with shalwars and dupattas while others have been fused up with tights and trousers. It is a classy collection where these winter dresses are present in the colored shades of red, maroon, purple, aqua, fawn, yellow and beige. It is just the starting by Firdous Cloth Mills with regard to their winter collection lines, there is lot more to come.

You can also check out the pictures of this collection from this post. Try out this collection by Firdous Cloth Mills and let us know your feedback too. Yes, this reputed mill has always fulfilled our wishes and it will continue to do so! Enjoy this piece of cake in the form of winter collection that has been given to you by Firdous Cloth Mills.


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