Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Firdous Cloth Mills Linen Collection 2013 for Women

Firdous Cloth Mills have been serving us since 1970! Their main and primary product highlights are women’s clothes, clothes for men, stitched clothes for women, home textiles, shoes and hands bags and many more fashion items! Their superb quality fabric has always gained our attention and we have also seen that the collections of Firdous Cloth Mills are improving day by day. Now, they have come up with Paris linen collection 2013!

Firdous Cloth Mills linen collection 2013 for women consists of shalwar and Dupattas that have been paired up with shirts; it is a 3 piece suit collection line that has been installed with unique and creative print designs. Traditional and cultural design prints are there and each and every shirt that has been embossed with such type of design prints are looking quite and rather fascinating. Flowery prints, abstract prints and geometrical design patterns are there and each one of them is looking magical! For the color combination scheme, bright and vivid colors can largely be seen like red, maroon, purple, white, pink, yellow, black, fawn and beige. It has also been taken into account that very fashion hubs are there that come up with such kind of Paris line for the winter season and Firdous Cloth Mills is one of them that has managed to exhibit this Paris linen for its fans.

We are also putting up the pictures of this winter collection 2013 by Firdous Cloth Mills, have a look at them from this post. We will be updating you on timely basis if this mill, Firdous Cloth Mills reveals more of their winter collection lines. Stay in touch with us!

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