Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shades by Afshan Fall Dresses Collection 2013 for Women

Shades by Afshan are one of the recently emerging ready to wear fashion houses and in 2013 they became the part of this fashion market. It has been only few months and the number of collections that they have so far launched is also few but whatever they have done so far is really great and they are trying to bring revival in the fashion industry of Pakistan. If we talk about the real passion that can be seen in newly emerging fashion houses then Shades by Afshan is one of them and very few fashion houses are there that manage to achieve this in such shorter time frame.

Shades by Afshan fall collection 2013 for ladies have been launched now and in this collection you will be having long shirts that have been styled up by tights, trousers and pants. Embroidery work and lace work can be seen on most of the shirts. For this collection, modeling has been done by Farha and Tehmina, photography has been done by First Call Events, and co-ordination has been finished by Glowpoint Media Agency. Creativity is done by A Jay Burney & Anas Pall and art direction task has been fulfilled by Salman Hameed. This collection can be considered for parties and casual functions. For the colors, bright and dark colors are largely the part of this collection line by Shades by Afshan and we have the color range of red, blue, orange, green, maroon, purple and white.

We are also sharing the pictures of this collection line, just check out them right away. Yes, we are sure that collections of Shades by Afshan will become more magical as time goes on! Lots of expectations are from this hub and our hopes have been set on a very higher level. Let us all see that Shades by Afshan has next for us

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