Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Heena Ayub Fall Collection 2013 for Women

Yes, Heena Ayub is making heights of success, name and fame! Have you ever heard about this fashion designer? Have you ever checked out her collection lines? You must know that in the year of 2011, Heena Ayub became the part of this massive fashion market of Pakistan and in an extremely short time periods, this designer stole and captured our hearts. For the fashion lovers and fans, it is a ready to wear clothing house where you will be having lots of stitched outfits and dresses. Join the face book fan page of Heena Ayub and get to know more about this fashion hub. Heena Ayub fashion house is bringing more surprises and exciting offers for you so stay connected with us.

Few times back, Heena Ayub fall collection 2013 for women has been exhibited. This collection largely and massively comprises of long shirts and trousers. These shirts have been decorated and embellished with embroidery work and lace work. Lovely and stunning print designs have also been incorporated and installed in some of the dresses. Now, the most interesting and appealing part of this fall collection, the color section area! So, Heena Ayub has come up with dark and light colored shades, we will be having colors like maroon, orange, green, blue, brown, beige, white and black.

If you want to keep your wardrobe more charming and extravagant then as a tip, take hold of Heena Ayub fashion house right away. You must not miss out single collection of her. For this fall collection 2013 pictures, you may check out them right here from this web page. Their face book fan page will also be updating and upgrading the pictures of this fall collection 2013.

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