Thursday, September 12, 2013

Farah & Fatima Fall Footwear Collection 2013 Volume 2 for Women

Farah & Fatima is one of the well known designer footwear brands in Pakistan and they have been launching their collection line since 2011. One special thing about this hub is that they have always make use of pure leather fabric material in their shoes and have always managed to come up with hand crafted brooches in an excellent way and manner. Their embellishments have always been illustrated on their shoes in a remarkable way. If you want to have shoes of Farah & Fatima fashion house then you can get them from Y block and MM Alam road of Lahore. In other multi brand stores of Pakistan, you can also get their collections.

Farah & Fatima fall footwear collection 3013 volume 2 for women has been revealed now. It comprises of flat sandals and high heels. Stone work and brooch work has been mostly installed on these sandals and shoes. If you are going on a party then we would be recommending and suggesting you this Farah & Fatima fall footwear collection 2013. Some of the shoes are also having floral and flowery patch work elements embedded on it. For the colors, this footwear house has make use of colors like red, green, orange, purple maroon, navy, sky blue, grey, white and black.

We are sharing some of the pictures of this collection line so that you may pick out your favorite and desirable shoes and make it wear on some party! Farah & Fatima footwear house has lot for you, keep on checking out their outlet and wear variety of shoes on each single day.

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