Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fahad Hussyan The Kings Shadow Collection 2013 for Women

In the year of 2007, Fahad Hussyan fashion house came into view and starting stealing our attention. It is one of such fashion houses of Pakistan that has always come up and tried its level best to come up with superb dressing lines. The unique selling proposition of this fashion house is that they have always come up with trendy fashion statements, one collection of them is different and unique and creative from the other collection. This fashion house named by Fahad Hussyan is yet to make lots of success, name and fame. This is only the glimpse of their success. Know more about this fashion hub by joining their face book fan page.

Few days back, Fahad Hussyan the Kings Shadow collection 2013 for women has been exhibited. In this collection, you will be having totally western dresses and outfits. Trendy jeans and tops and shirts are there that have been embellished with digital print screen designs. As it is a western wear collection so of course this hub will be making use of brighter color shades. We will be having this collection in color ranges like red, navy, purple, bottle green, aqua, beige, fawn and brown. Fahad Hussyan fashion house has named this collection as kings shadow collection 2013

To have a look at the pictures of this collection line, you may check out this post. For more pictures, visit their face book fan page. Fahad Hussyan fashion hub is on its way to bring bundle surprises for you people, so are you happy? You must be! Stay connected with us and we will be giving you live updated about the fashion market of Pakistan.

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