Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Umar Sayeed Eid Dresses Collection 2013 by Alkaram

This time two big names has exploded on the fashion planet named as Umar Sayeed and Alkaram. Umar Sayeed is surely one of the distinguished names in the fashion industry. He is one of the sought after fashion designers that have gained back maximum success and fame in just the beginning of his career. On other side Alkaram is one of the best well known textile mills in Pakistan that has always been marked as one of the best ones amongst the fashion lovers. When these two names will combine together then how is it possible that a big blast wouldn’t happen out! 

Newly, Umar Sayeed has launched out his great charismatic and brand new Eid collection 2013 for women. Here we would like to mention for the readers and fashion lovers that this Eid collection 2013 has been showcased in association with Alkaram. This collection has been featuring out the ready to wear silk outfits for the women. The clothes are spinning in the surroundings of the long shirts and frocks plus trousers or shalwars along with duppattas. The designer has made the usage of the superior and premium fabric stuff of silk that is awesome for the ongoing seasonal happenings.

Moving a little bit ahead now we will be sharing few of the pictures about Umar Sayeed Eid collection 2013 by Alkaram. The colors of the Eid dresses have been set out within the dark and brighter modes that look out impressive in one look. In almost all the outfits the embroidery and little print styling have been used that is making the collection eye catching for the women. This Eid collection by Umar Sayeed can be grabbed even more closely through the below stated facebook fan page of Alkaram Studio.

Alkaram Studio Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/alkaramstudio

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