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Sana Nawaz Biography, Wiki and Picture Updates


Full Name:
Sana Nawaz (Sana Khan)
Actress, Model
Date of Birth:
26th April 1972 
Place of Birth:
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Personal Life:
      Sana Nawaz as famously known as Sana Khan is one of the top well known film actresses of Pakistan. She was born on 26th April 1972 in Lahore. Sana Nawaz has been always defining herself with the women with huge sum of ambitions and passionate dreams. She just loves doing the outdoor activities in her free time such as riding, squash and swimming. She is enthusiastic and is always ready for doing new experiments with her life. On 15th July 2007 she got married with the model and actor Fakhar Imam. Now she is the mother of one baby boy as well and is surely living a happily marries life.

      Professional Life:

      Sana Nawaz entered inside the film industry with the Shafique Hussain who is her relative. She did her first film in 1999 named as “Jannat Ki Talash that was a big flop for her. But she didn’t give up and in 2002 she appeared for the second time in the film “Yeh Dil Apka Hua” that was a big success for her career. In the small screen she has also highlighted herself. in 2007 she did the drama as “Yeh Zindagi Hai” and currently she has been seen in “Kis Din Mera Viyaah Howe Ga” on GEO TV. She has even done modeling in many commercials as well..

      Popular Projects:

      • Chooriyan 1998
      • Desan Da Raja 1999
      • Insaniyat Ke Qatil 1999
      • Jannat Ki Talash 1999
      • Mujhe Jeene Do 1999
      • Sala Bigra Jaye 1999
      • Talabgar 2009
      • Miss Top 10 2009
      • Ek Daulat Ki Hawis 2007
      • Anokhi Shikaran 2007
      • Mahi Sohna 2008
      • Khoufnak 2008
      • Khulay Aasaman Kay Neechay 2008
      • Talabgar 2009
      • Nach kay Yaar Manana 2009
      • Miss X 2009
      • Wehsi Badmash 2009
      • Lahori Shehzadey 2006
      • Sharif Gujjar 2006
      • Athra 2006
      • Puttar Shahiye da 2007
      • Murshid Badshah 2007

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      Date of birth is not correct, it's actually 16th June, 1982

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