Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rehan And Muzammil Eid Collection 2013 Volume 2 For Men

We all know that almost every year all the fashion designers and clothing brands arrive with the collections for women but now this year this concept has been complete changed! Now the men also need to make them ready to carry out the Eid clothes shopping. Yes you are absolutely right! Rehan and Muzammil has one more time arrived inside the fashion globe with their spanking new explosive Eid collection 2013 volume 2 for men. 

Rehan and Muzammil are the two most popular and yet one of the fastest growing popular fashion designers in Pakistan. These two designers have been working inside the fashion planet together for the last three years as they set up their clothing fashion house in 2010. Rehan and Muzammil has been offering out with their main clothing lines for the men that is travelling all around the formal wear, semi formal wear and formal ones as well. The way these two designers arranges the modernity versions in their clothes have been extreme loved and liked by the fashion lovers. 

Moving on with their freshly arrived Eid collection 2013 volume 2 for men! This Eid collection 2013 has been stunningly filled in classy manner with the kurtas and shalwar kameez. The kurtas have been placed together with the loose trousers and shalwars. For giving away the western look in the personality the men can even set all the kurtas with jeans as well. Right here right now we are allocating up some of the fabulous pictures all about Rehan and Muzammil Eid collection 2013 volume 2 for women. 

Some of the kurtas have been kept as simple and plain and majority of them have been completed with the embroidery as well. This embroidery has been visible over the sleeves, neckline and cufflinks. So all the men out there don’t miss out catching this stylish Eid collection by Rehan and Muzammil. 

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