Friday, August 30, 2013

Mehndi Night Decorated Stages Trends in Pakistan

Mehndi is one of the most wanted and one of the colorful events of the wedding ceremony. As on one side this ceremony makes the bride as the center of attraction then on other side the mehndi stage is also one of the most prominent items. In the past the mehndi functions were just completed with the decoration of some yellows around one chair that was just meant for the bride. But now the concept and trend has been complete changed! Now there are different styles and types of the mehndi stages in Pakistan that are enormous getting famous in the fashion market. 

In this post we are sharing up some of the pictures of beautiful looking mehndi stages in Pakistan. In the pictures the readers will find that a separate stage has been set for the brides that are complete filled from the surroundings with the yellow and other colorful colors. The lightening is especially done on the stage for making it as the center of attraction. If we look around in today wedding mehndi functions then the trend of placing the wooden floors have been strongly harvesting its roots. There is no such mehndi function that is completed without placing the wooden floors. 

In addition besides using the flowers the concept of adding the yellow fabric duppattas around the stage has been also one of the best options. Make sure that if the yellow flowers are added in the decoration then the lightening must be of the different colors. In this way the flowers will never going to lose down their prominence. 

By taking the help from the pictures all the future brides can set their mehndi stages in the same modes. We are sure that by choosing out nay one of these stages you will definitely going to make your mehndi occasion memorable and unforgettable

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