Sunday, August 25, 2013

Groom Sherwani Trends 2013 in Pakistan

Sherwanis are always one of the best clothing for men. Since the last few centuries this clothing has been remained as one of the major part of the fashion world and still it is getting even more demanding amongst the grooms. This clothing concept has been associated with the Muslim Mughal Era that gives away the artistic image to the personality. In the beginning the sherwanis were firstly introduced by the Bangladesh fashion market and then slowly it starts to make its best place in the Pakistan and Middle East countries as well. 

There are many forms of pairing the sherwanis with the choice of your own blend. They can be perfectly worn with the shalwars and trousers as well. In order to give away the little western look the men can even set it with the jeans as well. For the fashion lovers we are sharing some of the eye catching pictures of sherwanis. In the pictures the men can view that there are different kinds of sherwanis that are diverse looking from one another in the form of designing and decoration. 

For the formal sherwanis the embellishment is done with the slightest embroidery that is covered over the neckline and sleeves. On the other side the groom sherwanis are finished with the stone and dabka working that is carried away on the borders, sleeves, cufflinks and neckline areas. Although there are many colors that are used in the sherwanis for men but the best known colors are white, black, brown, grey, purple, beige and blue. 

This is probably one of the best clothing for the grooms for making their wedding day memorable. So if you are getting married very soon then don’t miss out making the choice of this clothing. We are sure that you will love it

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