Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Deepak And Fahad Fall Collection 2013 for Men And Women

All the fashion lovers out there just get ready for blasting shopping because this time Deepak and Fahad has all exploded on the fashion planet for both men and women. Right here we will going to set this article in highlighting all the best details regarding Deepak and Fahad fall collection 2013 for men and women. Deepak and Fahad has been one of the most famous and yet we can say that they are one of the newly arrived fashion designers in Pakistan. These two designers have been associated with the fashion industry since the last few years. They have been offering out with the superb designed clothing collections for both men and women. Deepak and Fahad main product lines are basically set inside the formal wear, semi formal wear, casual wear plus the western dresses as well. Their creativity inside the dresses along with the infusion of the modern taste has been extreme loved by the fashion lovers. 

This time Deepak and Fahad has revealed out one of their classy stylish and unique fall collection 2013 for men and women. This Fall collection 2013 has been filled out with the western form of the styling flavors that are just appearing as maximum chic for the women and fashionable for men. Inside this fall collection the fashion lovers will going to grab up the appearances of the shirts, tops for men and women along with the jeans as well. All the shirts and tops have been set out with the dazzling print infusion that is coming out as fabulous for the collection 

The colors are introduced in the dark and brighter shades that are making the collection quite impressive and stylishly glittering ones. In this article we are sharing out some of the exciting pictures of Deepak and Fahad fall collection 2013 for men and women. The featured models for the collection photo shoot are Iraj and Omer Shahzad. The cinematography has been done by Abid Saleem and the hairstyling and makeup has been completed by Saba Ansari by SABS. 

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