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Amna Ilyas Biography, Wiki and Picture Updates


Full Name:
Amna Ilyas (Amna/aamina illyas)
Actress, Model
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:

      There are many new and talented fresh faces that are emerging inside the fashion planet every single year. In all such fashion models we would like to mention the name of Amna Ilyas. She is one of the well known and one of the leading popular fashion models in Pakistan fashion industry. She is not just known on national level but as even gained much appreciations and likeness on international standards as well. As being new inside the fashion planet, Amna Ilyas as made herself as one of the best models and yet the sign symbol of being bold and beautiful as well. Undoubtedly her bold and sizzling looks has helped her a lot in gaining the maximum attention and fame in her account. She is given much resemblance with the Pakistani singer Nadia Ali.

      Personal Life:

      Amna Ilyas is considered to be one of the self assured models in the fashion planet. She loves being what she is and she never wanted to change any feature in her personality. She loves traveling all the time. She has the habit of eating all the time. In one of her interviews she stated that she loves being slim and smart but she never compromise on eating. Amna Ilyas favorite holiday destinations are Northern Areas, Bhurban and Thailand. She has the patriotic feelings towards her nation.

      Professional Life:

      Amna Ilyas has gained much fame and reputation in just minimum time scale. She started working as a model at a very young age. She is not just known for her bold personality but is even identified best for her beauty as well. In the beginning of the career she was known as the sexiest models in the fashion industry but then she transformed her personality into the dusky ones. In one of the interviews when she has questioned about her inspiration in the modeling industry she stated that 

      My elder sister was my main inspiration for becoming a model. Vinny is someone I really look up to and she inspires me a lot

      Popular Projects:

      She has worked with HSY, Karma, Khaadi Khaas and Chen One

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