Friday, July 26, 2013

UA Textile Eiza Swiss Voile Eid Collection 2013

UA Textiles has one more time arrived back to drive the fashion lovers as crazier and mad for their collections because they have just newly showcase out their one of the stunning looking Eiza Swiss Voile Eid collection 2013 for women. UA Textiles is surely one of the oldest and one of the top recognized fashion mills in Pakistan. Since 1980 this textile mill has been working inside the fashion planet and each year they are making themselves as one of the recognized mills for the clothing collection for women. UA Textiles has been offering out with their main product lines that are revolving out with the Eiza lawn, Eiza La chiffon, Eiza Crinckle lawn, E9 Egyptian embroidered lace and Alisha Swiss Voile.

Right now we will going to discuss about the UA Textiles Eiza Swiss Eid collection 2013 for women. This Eid collection 2013 has been completed out with the highlights of the three piece suits that are coming out as much more versatile and much fresh looking for the eyes. In this Eid dresses collection the mill has been presenting the long shirts along with the finest company of shalwars and duppattas. In this post we will love to share with our readers some of the pictures about UA Textiles Eiza Swiss Voile Eid collection 2013

The mill has made the use of the premium and finest clothing stuff that is finishing up with the cotton and chiffon. All the Eid dresses have been over and done out with the embroidery plus the lace working and block printed floral designs. The use of the bright and dark vivid colors is much attention grabbing for the eyes. So all in all this Eiza Swiss Voile Eid collection by UA Textiles has been coming out as much breath-taking and fine looking for the women. 

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