Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thredz Eid Collection Dresses 2013 for Women

Let's have a look at the detailed information regarding the newest highlighted Thredz Eid collection 2013 for women. Thredz has been counted as one of the top famous and currently one of the ruling fashion brands in Pakistan. This brand has been associated with the fashion planet since 2004. It has been for about the last 9 years that Thredz has been dealing out with the clothing product lines for the men and women. In addition their fashion house also features the fashion accessories that add with bed sheets. In almost of the Thredz clothes the women will find the modernity along with the elegant taste that always takes away the heart beats of the women.

Currently we are sharing the spanking new trendy looking Eid collection 2013 by Thredz for the women. This Eid fashion 2013 dresses collection is maximum eastern looking along with the coordination heights of the western heights as well. Through this collection the women will find out the highlights of short shirts and kurtas that are perfectly worn out with the tights, trousers and churidar pajamas. In addition the kurtas have also been added with the duppattas as well. In simple we can say that the collection is actually introducing the three piece suits for the women.

All the kurtas and shirts have been stitched with the chiffon clothing stuff along with the lawn combination. The adornment of the Eid dresses have been over and done with the embroidery and block printing designs that can be captured on the front sides and little bit on the back side too. Hence this Eid collection by Thredz has been undoubtedly the breath-taking and awe-inspiring eye caching for the women. We are sure that through the choice of this collection the women will going to find them much pretty looking and attractive on this Eid.

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