Monday, July 22, 2013

Silaayi Casual Wear Dresses 2013 for Women

This Silaayi  casual wear collection include a few casual wear kurtas. Silaayi casual wear collection for girls 2013 was released it a few days ago. This is the first collection of the brand. Kurtas in Silaayi casual wear collection for girls 2013 are more often embroidered, but some of them are quite simple. According to the current fashion, girls can wear with tights or churidars kurtas. This will give them a trendy look. Silaayi casual wear collection for girls 2013 is quite trend and created according to the current fashion trends. Silaayi is a brand new in the world of Pakistani fashion. In fact, it was formed in this month only.

The brand is a joint venture of four friends namely Alina Iftikhar, Adil Mufti, Kamal Maryam and Wasif Arshad. It offers loan to wearclothes for girls, but also women. Mainly clothes clothing are offered by Silaayi as seen in the collection. Both eastern and Western clothes are in the Silaayi collection. Silaayi elegant dresses are bound to capture the hearts of many women in Pakistan. It has a center of display in Karachi and the team can be contacted by phone.You can see the collection of casual wear Silyaayi 2013 for girls below.

Photos from the collection of casual wear Silaayi 2013 for girls are given below that you were watching. Kurtas in this collection are available in all sizes. The collection is now available, so if you want one of them you can call the brand team. The telephone number through which you can contact the Silaayi team is given on the Silaayi Facebook page. Check Silaayi Eid collection as well.

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