Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain Eid Kurta Collection 2013 For Men

Right here right now we will going to explode all the interesting details about Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain Eid collection 2013 for men. But before that we would like to give away the small introduction about this brand first. Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain has been just freshly arrived as one of the brand new fashion houses in Pakistan. As their name has been quite different in the same way their clothing lines are even diverse looking from others. Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain set up in 2012 and probably in just beginning of the few months this brand surely grabs up the attention of the fashion lovers. Their product lines are set for both the men and women that are quite strikingly placed together with the modernity and extreme perfection. 

This time Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain has been coming out with the presentation of their stunning looking and innovative Eid collection 2013 for men. In this Eid collection 2013 the brand has been setting up the kurtas/shalwar kameez that are meant for both the young and old age men. The kurtas are following out in both the long and short lengths. The men can pair up the kurtas along with the jeans, loose trousers and fitted tights. Now we would like to share some of the pictures about Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain Eid collection 2013 for men. 

The embroidery efforts have been completed on the sleeves, neckline and cufflinks as well. The colors are maximum bright and dark shaded that add out with brown, purple, blue, white and black. Hence this eid collection by Sheen by Shayan-e-Hussain has been awesomely concluded with the great perfection and well turned out designing modes. So all the men out there don’t forget to grab this new brand collection and we are sure that you will going to knock this brand for their next collection as well.

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