Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nadiya Kassam Eid Footwear Collection 2013 for Women

When we talk about some of the best brands inside the fashion planet then we always hang around with the name of Nadiya Kassam. This designer has surely grabbed much attention and fame inside the fashion planet and this has been just made possible because of her talented and creativity skills and make her so renowned ones. Nadiya Kassam has been linked with the fashion industry since the last few years. This designer has been engaged in offering out with the clothing collections along with the shoes and fashion accessories as well. This makes this designer as the complete fashion house that provides out with all the best of the best collections. Inside the main product lines we will capture out jewellery accessories, leather sandals, clutches and handbags as well. There has been no such collection by Nadiya Kassam that has not been appreciated by the fashion planet. 

In this year Eid footwear collection 2013 the designer has make the use of the creativity and artistic styling formations. In these Eid footwear collection slippers, sandals and high heel shoes have been introduced on maximum level. In addition this subjected collection is even offering out with the flat sandals as well. Here we are going to share up some of the pictures in view of the Nadiya Kassam Eid footwear collection 2013 for women. 

In all the Eid footwear the decoration have been stunningly over and one out with the beads and stones along with the simple print installations as well. As we look upon the coloring section then colorful bright and dark schemes have been painted up that is making this collection as full of life pleasing looking. This Eid footwear collection by Nadiya Kassam has been superb magnificent and happening stylish intended for the women. We are sure that all the women will going to forget blinking their eyes!

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