Thursday, July 25, 2013

101 Latest Eid Mehndi Designs 2013 for Hands and Feet

Do you want to see beautiful mehndi designs then have a look at this post. Well, this article provides you beautiful and stunning Eid mehndi designs 2013. Every girl would love to decorate her hands with mehndi designs because she knows that mehndi is the most important element for making her hands and feet beautiful. You can apply mehndi designs on hands and feet. Mehndi is always the most important ingredient in all types of festivals and occasions. Without mehndi, the wedding function won't be complete, there are special bridal mehndi designs for the event. Eid-ul-Fitr is the most awaited festival by every Muslim. After keeping fasts for the whole month, Muslims desperately waiting for the arrival of Eid especially children and girls. They love to buy new clothes, shoes and other accessories for making their day more special. In all the Eid preparations, how can we forget to mention the importance of mehndi? Young girls would love to apply beautiful mehndi designs. 

Firstly, we will talk about mehndi designs for hands. Young girls prefer to apply difficult and complex mehndi designs on their hands. They think that such mehndi designs will look beautiful on their hands. On the other hand, house wives prefer to apply simple mehndi designs / henna tattoos. Because they don't have enough time to spend on mehndi designs. Here we will share hands and full arms mehndi designs for Eid. All the mehndi designs are so elegant and eye catchy.

If we talk about feet, then normally linear designs have been used along with unique patterns. If you want to find simple but beautiful mehndi designs for feet then you will definitely find such designs here. These feet mehndi designs are effortless in terms of application. These Eid mehndi designs for hands and feet have been collected with the collaboration of different renowned mehndi designs. Finally, you should shine your Eid with these elegant Eid mehndi designs 2013. 


Very beautiful Mehndi designs which looks nice in women hand and feet.These are very nice Eid Mehndi designs 2013. I love to use Mehndi in different occasion like Eid, or wedding.

Wow.. what a collection


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