Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Al-Zohaib Textiles Monsoon Festivana Collection 2013 for women

Here we have the stunning looking and newly arrived Al-Zohaib Textiles Monsoon Festivana Collection 2013 for women. Before beginning with the discussion of the collection we would like our readers to know about the brand first. 

Al-Zohaib Textiles has been one of the most wanted and currently one of the leading renowned fashion mills in Pakistan. This mill has been working inside the fashion market for the last few couple of years and since their establishment this mill has grabbed the titanic appreciations and fame from the fashion lovers. Al-Zohaib majority of the collections are dedicated for the women but most of them are even revolving around the men as well. Their most awaited collections are probably their lawn category ones for the women that each time makes the women feel crazier for grabbing their clothes. 

Freshly, Al-Zohaib Textiles has launched their one of the lovely looking and charismatic monsoon Festivana collection 2013 for women. This monsoon Festivana collection 2013 has been surrounded with the long shirts that have been paired along with the tights, trousers and churidar pajamas as well. In this collection the women will even get surprised to watch out the highlights of frocks as well. Along with the long shirts the duppattas are even found in the collection that makes it as the collection showcasing the three piece suits. 

Al the monsoon Festivana collection dresses are beautified with the employment of the embroidery over the complete front side of the shirts. In addition most of the shirts are even favoring the employment of the floral print versions too. The duppattas have been embellished with the pattern designs. All the monsoon Festivana dresses are painted with the colorful looking vibrant color shades. Hence this monsoon Festivana collection by Al-Zohaib Textiles is mind-blowing gorgeous an fabulous designed for the women.

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