Saturday, July 27, 2013

122 Beautiful Eid Nail Art Designs 2013

If you want to make your nails beautiful and attractive on this Eid, then you should check out this post. Earlier we shared beautiful eid mehndi designs, here we will share simple but beautiful Eid nail art designs 2013. You can choose any nail art design according to your choice. There are thousands of nail art designs 2013 are available in the world of internet. These days, women and young girls prefer to do nail art by going beauty parlors. If any woman won't be able to afford the expenses of beauty parlor, then she can do nail art at home as well. The simple but beautiful Eid nail art designs 2013 are given below:

Black and White Nail Art Designs

On this Eid, you can decorate your nail with dark and bright shades. This is very simple nail art design. In order to apply this nail art design, you need to apply base coat on your nails along with black nail color. If you want to get well trimmed and neat look then horizontal strokes of the nail brush would definitely be sufficient. 

Nail Art Designs With Gems

On this Eid, you can also go for petite stickers on your nails. If you want to do nail art designs with gems then you need stickers, cotton balls and gems. These days, young girls would love to apply nail art designs with gems. 

Natural Nail Art Designs

If any girl is fascinated by nature and she wants to decorate her nails then she should check natural nail art designs. In order to give exceptionally attractive and convincing feel, you should use nail colors like green, blue or yellow. Another best idea is that you can make some beautiful flowers or leaves. 

Polka Dots Nail Art Designs

If we talk about beautiful nail art designs for Eid, then we should mention polka dots nail art designs. You can paint your nails with the pink base coat and then spot white polka dots on your nails. It will make your nail more stunning. 

Geometrical Nail Art Designs

The last popular nail art design for Eid is geometrical nail art design. If you do not like natural nail art designs, then you may go for geometric nail art designs. You should use light nail color for the base coat and then use darker shade for geometrical shapes.

You will find so many pictures of nail art designs below. So these are beautiful nail art designs. Doing nail art is not a difficult task to be done at home. So just spend 30 minutes for doing beautiful nail art designs.

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