Monday, June 10, 2013

Sitara Textiles Serene Lawn Collection 2013 for Women

Here you will be knowing all about the Sitara Textiles Serene lawn collection 2013 for the women. Sitara Textiles is marked out to be one of the best known and currently the most distinguished mills in Pakistan fashion market. This mill has been involved in serving out with the seasonal and lawn clothing collections hat have been figured out with the deigning of the elegance and much grace versions. In almost all of the Sitara Textiles collections they have make the use of the superior fabric material that simply grabs the attention of fashion lovers. One of their biggest successes was Sitara Textiles Universal Lawn Collection that forced the women to anxiously wait around for their next collections. Newly, Sitara Textiles has highlighted the launch of their charismatic and alluring designed together Serene Lawn Collection 2013 for women. This Serene Lawn Collection 2013 has been follow up in three piece suits that include long shirts, trousers or shalwars and duppattas. 

In addition, the decoration of this entire Serene Lawn collection has been finished with the embroidery on the complete shirts along with the print formations. Apart from it, the duppattas have also been offered with the taste of the pattern strokes and patchwork designing. In this article we will be sharing some of the pictures of Sitara Textiles Serene Lawn Collection 2013 for women. The women will find many vivid dark and brighter colors in the lawn dresses that are making the collection much more colorful such as red, white, blue, pink, purple, green, yellow, brown, black and so many others. Hence the women can make the alternation of this collection for the formal family gatherings and party timings. The collection photo shoot is covering the famous face of Zailay Sarhadi. If the women want to know more about this lovely Serene Lawn Collection by Sitara Textiles then they can freely get signed into the below stated Facebook fan page now:

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